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Holistic Therapist specialized in Regression Hypnosis & Life Between Lives®

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The closing

Once assured that there are no loose ends and everything is clear, we invite your whole being to wake up, to leave the hypnotic trance and return to a regular state of consciousness. Naturally you will feel a broader connection with your intuitive sou-mind and you will remember clearly all that was important in the session.

To finish we will go over the key points of the session.

When we both feel everything is clear and you feel ready to go, we say goodbye :)

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The regression  

We invite your expanded consciousness to take us to :

  the moment that is the most related to what is happening in your life today

  the moment that is the most related to [the specific topic of your visit]

  a time when you felt / you were [what you want to restore or introduce in your life]

  the past life most related to [skill / person / situation]

This will take one or more key moments of :

this Life before or after your birth

your Past Lives

your Life Between Lives

What can be challenging for some, is to identify and trust the "knowing"  that comes from the deepest of your being and verbalize it aloud without analyzing, judging or editing it.

It is a beautiful exercise to distinguish between the voice of your inner wisdom/intuition and your erroneous thoughts. To ensure an authentic experience, I will  only guide you when it is really necessary for the exploration to proceed in a deep, gentle and effective manner.  

Trust that all that will be presented will be something for which you are ready to work on.

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Taking advantage of your expanded state of consciousness we ensure that the understanding gained in the regression translates into something concrete and well integrated into your current life.

The integration is often the longest part of the session and is done with a set of techniques like Gestalt, Inner Child, Parts, ... all specially adapted for sessions of regressive hypnotherapy.

I will not go into detail here because it is such a broad subject. When we talk, I will gladly tell you everything you want to know about the integration process.

With the Life Between Lives work, the integration happens naturally throughout the process.

(one of the many reasons it is such a beautiful and powerful therapeutic technique)

Hypnosis + Regression + Integration = Complete Therapy

It's like relationship therapy for those 2 parts that make up the Mind:

            Mind = analytic body-mind + intuitive soul-mind

When those two parts work in harmony, it is pure happiness. When they are out of sync,

the internal discussions can be relentless and paralysing.

The session

First we will talk about what you want to achieve. Then we will review the process and

   the techniques that we are going to use. We will review some useful tips that will help

   your analytical mind to stay more open for what your intuitive mind wants share.

We proceed with the hypnotic induction to help you to re-synchronize those two parts.

   By helping the body to deeply relax the analytical mind is naturally released of stress

   causing thoughts. Stress is what generally prevents you from staying  synchronized with

   your intuitive soul-mind.

As you relax more, you will gradually enjoy a very pleasant sense of peace and control.

   You will become very aware of everything that is happening around you and inside you.

   As one is when entering a deep meditative state. Thus your analytical mind becomes

   receptive to what your intuitive mind wants to address.

           Synchronized Mind = Expanded Consciousness

We use regression techniques to stimulate this internal dialogue and reach directly to the

   core of what will be beneficial for you to address. The regression makes it much more

   easier for your analytical and intuitive mind to stay synchronized and focused.

I will assist you with your internal dialogue to obtain clear and concise answers.

We finish with your objectives obtained, a deeper self-knowledge and a strengthened

   self-confidence in your intuition.

The workflow of a Regression hypnotherapy Session