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Share your experience

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I invite you to give a realistic picture of:

the regressions and integration process as a whole

how it lived up to your expectations

things (-/+) that have surprised you

about my work style

what you have felt before, during and after the sessions

your initial motives

how it helped you to understand and improve the present

how much time has passed since you did the work

what changes you have noticed in your way of living life and seeing things

what changes you have noticed in your health and your relationships

You can answer one, all questions or just write what comes from your heart.

This is mainly about helping people who are considering doing this work and are looking for more information about how a session takes place and what can be expected from their therapist. Imagine everything that you would have liked to have known about the process before hand ;p

As a person and therapist I continue to work on myself. With this in mind if there is something you felt that I could have done differently do not hesitate to let me know as well.

Your opinion and constructive feedback is much appreciated.

Naturally you contact me if you have any questions or technical problems.

Thanks for sharing!

The easiest and simplest is to share on Google. (Also the most beneficial for me) It's a simple star rating system with the option to write something.

If you prefer to share anonymously send it to me by email.

Letting me know what name or initials, age, locality, nationality can I use to give more authenticity to the shared experience.

I will confirm and review this post with you before putting it online.