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The Exchange & The Crowdfunding Sponsor Program

The Crowdfunding Sponsor Program

Moving to Brussels I decided to launch a sponsor program that will give the opportunity to

  people with more restricted means (single parents, students, domestic abuse victims, people

  from lower income countries, ...) to benefit from this life changing work.  

It works on a minimum 50/50 basis.

  Those signing up to be sponsored are expected to cover a minimum of 50% of the cost of the

  requested session. Be it for the initial 2 day sessions or for a follow-up session.

  Putting in more than the 50% means that less sponsorship funds will be required and

  therefore they will be able to be scheduled sooner.

Like with all my potential clients I first conduct a friendly in-depth phone interview before

  agreeing on any application for the sponsorship program.

The Exchange

For the 2 consecutive days process I ask 1280€

   These are 2 days where my attention is soley focused on you.

   It en-tails 8-10 hours, or more, of in-depth therapy work.

   I provide an optimised, easy to use, digital audio recording of the sessions.

   As many post-sessions follow-ups phone chats as you require.


For a one day follow-up session I ask 640€

   It comes with the same benefits as the 2 consecutive day process.

The Deposit

Energetically, I am able to work with a maximum of 7 people a month therefore a deposit

   of minimum 50% is to be payed at the time of booking the session.

The deposit is 100% refundable if a change of dates or cancelation occur 21 days before

   the scheduled date.

You forfeit your deposit for changes or cancelations made with less than 21 days notice.

If you have any more questions about the exchange, refunds policy or the Sponsor Program please feel free to contact me.

I am here to assist you,

Olivier Houet

Crowdfunding Donations to the Sponsor Program

The donations are done via an official crowdfunding platform to make it as

  transparent as possible while protecting the privacy of my sponsored clients.

  The only things listed about the participants will be: Their name, initials, age and where

  they are from. Some might share some of their motives for wanting to do this type of

  therapy work, others may not. It is afterall something quite personal.

  Each time the donations reach the amount needed by the listed sponsored client, the

  system will reset itself to the new amount needed for the next sponsored client in line.

Donations, of any amount are welcome and can be made by anyone who is

  related or unrelated to the currently listed beneficiary.

Become a sponsor :)

By sparing that something extra, you'll get to enjoy that nice joyful feeling deep inside of you knowing you just helped to raise earth's positive vibration by helping a fellow soul on their own journey of growth and prosperity.

All good vibes !!