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The Exchange & The Crowdfunding Sponsor Program

Olivier Houet © 2020

The intention

Making this life-enriching work more accessible for people with more limited


Provide a simple way to assist someone else with their life journey and enjoy

   that nice joyful feeling that comes up from deep within every time we do

   something for others without expectations.

How it works

To register for the Sponsorship Program you are expected to cover a minimum

   of 50% of the costs of the requested session.

As with all my potential clients, we first have a friendly, in-depth telephone

   conversation before an appointment can be made.

The donations are made through an official Crowdfunding platform to make it

   as transparent as possible while protecting the privacy of my sponsored clients.

The only information provided by my sponsored clients is: their first name, age

   and where they come from. They have the option to share something about

   what motivates them to want to do this kind of therapy work. Something that

   is a personal choice but that naturally helps in getting donations.

All good vibes !!

If you have any more questions about the Exchange, Refunds policy or the Sponsor Program please feel free to contact me.

I am here to assist you,

Olivier Houet

The 2 consecutive days process comes to 1280€

These are 2 days where my attention is soley focused on you.

Each day's session takes around 4 hours with no set time limit.  

It en-tails 8-10 hours, or more, of in-depth therapy work.

I provide an optimised, easy to use, digital audio recording of the sessions.

Any time after the sessions I stay available for follow-up phone chats.

The one day Booster Session comes to 640€

It comes with the same service and benefits as the 2 consecutive day process.

I am only able to work with a maximum of 7 people a month. Therefore

   a deposit of minimum 50% is to be payed at the time of booking the session.

The deposit is 100% refundable if a change of dates or cancelation occur

   21 days before the scheduled date.

You forfeit your deposit for changes or cancelations made with

   less than 21 days notice.