Holistic Therapist specialised in Regression Hypnosis & Life Between Lives®

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My passion for regression hypnotherapy

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About Olivier

The techniques and processes that I use are the result of decades of research by many dedicated professionals, some of whom are my teachers:

Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy

The Newton Institute - San Francisco - USA

Michael Newton - Paul Aurand - Peter Smith - Bryn Blankinship - Angie Noon


The HypnoBirthing Institute - New Hampshire - USA

Sherry Gilbert

Medical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Training International - London - UK

John Butler

Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP University - San Jose - USA

Judith Delozier - Robert Dilts - Sid Jacobson - Suzi Smith

Regression Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Academy of America - Santa Fe - USA

Tim Simmerman - Mitch Friedman - Patrick Singleton - Brandelyn Jokiel

Practitioner en Neuro-Linguistic Programming

PPD Learning - London - UK

Judith Lowe - Joseph O Conner

Enriching encounters in my life :

Carmen Pomar (Chi Nei Tsang - Barcelona - España )

Gina Mela  (Medical Qi Gong - London - UK )

Perch Ducote (Executive Coaching - New York - USA )

Finding my own answers and solutions is something that I greatly value.

Understanding what causes me to act or think in a certain way and create the  

   change I want for myself from within myself gives me a great sense of control.

Achieving most of it in just a few long in-depth sessions makes it all the more

   exciting and valuable.  It is that kind of experience I want to pass on to anyone

   who calls upon me.

This level of self reflection takes a sertain kind of courage. I have therefore

  great respect for anyone who proactively takes steps to improve their own life

  experiences this way.  

I am registered with :

The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners  and  The Newton Institute.

I naturally adhering to their code of conduct and ethics.

Discretion and privacy goes without saying.

Assisting people professionally since 2005.

Certified Holistic Regression Hypnotherapist

Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Specialized in Life between Lives® and Past Lives Integration work.

Instructor for The Newton Institute.

Offering my services in English, Spanish, Flemish/Dutch and French.