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Holistic Therapist specialized in Regression Hypnosis & Life Between Lives®

Direction in Barcelona                                +34 633 88 00 70                     skype: Olivier-Houet

Powerful one on one self-discovery workshops

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The exchange

The individual workshop of 2 consecutive days (7-10 hours or more)

   Comes to 640€


   They are 2 days exclusively dedicated to 1 client.

   Energetically I am able to facilitate a maximum of 7 workshops a month.  

   Every month I offer 2 workshops at a discounted rate for students and people in a

   economically difficult moment.

A personalized session of 4 hours or more

   Comes to 360€

A follow-up session of 3 hours or more

   Comes to 280€

For further information and to know how I can assist you specifically, I invite you to

contact me. A simple chat on the phone is a good start, for both of us, to determine if

we are right for each other.

I am here for you when you are ready,

Olivier Houet


These processes are for those who want to resolve personal issues, create positive changes and improve the balance between the material and spiritual part of your life. Those under psychiatric treatment should consult their physician before making an appointment.

After the session  

All sessions come with a digital recording of the session.

  Part of the therapeutic process is to listen to the recordings at least once.

• We touch base to follow up a week, a month and 3 months after the session.

   There are certain changes that you will notice right away and others that will need a

   conscious effort on your part to develop fully.

   It's a bit like learning to drive. At first you have to pay close attention to all the steps

   necessary to manoeuvre. Months later it has become something automatic and unconscious.

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The first step

We started with an informative talk by phone / whatsapp

The day you feel ready you can call me again and we'll setup an appointment.

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Sessions that are like individual workshops

For people who do not have previous experience of Regressions with Hypnosis:

   I offer an individual workshop of 2 consecutive days

   First day (3-4 hours or more) we work mainly with the techniques:

   Regression of Age - Prenatal - Past Lives

   The following day (3-4 hours or more) we continue mainly with the techniques:

   Regression of Age - Prenatal - Past Lives and Life Between Lives®

For people with previous experience of Regressions with Hypnosis:

   I offer personalized sessions of 4 hours or more

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Why 2 consecutive days?

Without previous experience, you will naturally arrive the first day with many questions, doubts and expectations. All of this makes it more difficult for your analytical mind, who does not like the unknown, to completely relax and make the most of the process.

After a good night's sleep, your analytical and subconscious mind will have had the time to assimilate new experiences and will naturally be much more relaxed to continue the process.