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Holistic Therapist specialized in Regression Hypnosis & Life Between Lives®

Direction in Barcelona                                +34 633 88 00 70                     skype: Olivier-Houet

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For those who do not reside in or near Barcelona:

Ideally you avoid traveling the same days of sessions. You'll be happy to have a relaxed time

   before and after your sessions in a nice place like Barcelona. Dedicating a time to your own

   development and well-being.

I understand that it is not feasible for everyone to devote 3 to 4 days to this beautiful

  personal work. In fact, for that reason, I often work weekends with people who arrive

  in the morning / mid day, stay one night and return the next day in the evening (6pm+).  

  With sessions starting on the first day at 4:00 p.m. and the second day at 11:00 a.m.

You want to be well rested and well fed, avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, sugar,

  alcohol and other types of drugs, on the day of the session.

I usually suggest not reading more books about past lives and Life between Lives, until

  after the sessions, to keep your mind more open to your own unique experience.

Making an appointment

We started with a nice informative chat by phone / whatsapp.

   A telephone conversation will also give us an idea of whether we feel comfortable working

   together. I do this with pleasure and without compromise.

• The day you feel ready you can call me again and make an appointment.

   Once the appointment is agreed, if there is a change of circumstances, you contact me

   and we change or cancel the reservation. That easy :)


They are long and intensive sessions with a duration of 3 to 4 hours, sometimes more.

  I suggest not to schedule social or work commitments just after the session because we

  do not know when we will end.

• You must have had a complete Past Lives Regression session

   You need to be familiar with the process of entering into a state expanded awareness and

   the interactive aspects of a Past Life regression session in order to get the full benefit of

   this fascinating and powerful process.

• In preparation, you must send me an email with the following:

   About 10 specific questions.

   Think about what has happened, and is happening in your life, and in what direction you

   would like it to go. There are no limitations on what can be addressed. Purpose of life,

   lessons to be learned, health, relationships,. . .

   A list of the 10 key people in your life.

   The people whom you grew up with, other relationships, the good and not so good ones.

   Those relationships which would you like to improve upon / understand what happened /

   make peace with / free yourself from. Describing each one in 5 words or more.

   This preparation work is a way to get focused on what you hope to get undertaking this

   process. In any case, everything that is of key importance will naturally come up during

   the sessions. The questions are there to get the most out of the session and to give me

   a idea where to push a little more.

Preparation for a Life Between Lives® session

The exchange

The individual workshop of 2 consecutive days (7-10 hours or more)

   Comes to 640€


   They are 2 days exclusively dedicated to 1 client.

   Energetically I am able to facilitate a maximum of 7 workshops a month.  

   Every month I offer 2 workshops at a discounted rate for students and people in a

   economically difficult moment.

A personalized session of 4 hours or more

   Comes to 360€

A follow-up session of 3 hours or more

   Comes to 280€