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Anonymously shared experiences

Gudrun / 59 years / Mexico (Translated by Google)

Hello Olivier,

I finally got to listen to the full recordings. Wow, I'm impressed. Listening to them from the outside, everything has become more real to me.

At first I was not sure if I had not invented many things. But when I listen to the recording, I am perfectly aware of the difference of having lived it and just hearing it. Especially the strongest emotions of the 2nd day. What I lived inside was much more intense and extensive than what you hear. So very happy.

Three days ago something happened that made me decide that I'm going to live in Ibiza. This happened before I listened to the part of the recording where I clearly say this. I was very surprised to hear my decision very clear, because I had not perceived it that way. Very curious.

I am also surprised at your emotional involvement in the whole process and I want to thank you very much.

Since I noticed you experienced it all very closely, I want to ask you if you can please tell me how you perceived Apolonia, I'm very curious, but it costs me a little to separate it from me, Gudrun (or rather to separate my disguise from Gudrun She, hehe). I think you probebly have an idea, since you have met many characters from this other dimension. I appreciated it greatly.

I send you another big hug.

With respect and affection,


E.B. / 29 year/ Madrid (Translated by Google)     

"It was a nice experience. I got answers to things I long sought answers for and it has been a major change in my life. Olivier is a great professional, he guides you throughout the process and makes you feel safe, besides that he has had a lot of patience with me. Very grateful, I totally recommend it.

V.M.M. / 42 years / Spain  (Translated by Google)

To look within oneself is a source of learning, inspiration and wisdom thanks for making it possible for you to be able to see it.

In the darkness the light was made.

Thank you.

Julie / 30 years / Bulgaria (Translated by Google)

The reason that led to the hypnotherapy of life between lives was the search for a concrete mission in my life. For the last few years I had no sense of life and I had a sense of constant fear and guilt without apparent motives.

In April of 2017 I finally dared to do two sessions of hypnotherapy regressive.

At first I was very afraid of the possible loss of control and because I did not have enough confidence required to do the therapy, but after contacting Olivier everything was very natural from the beginning.

From the first moment I felt a lot of confidence in him. His patience, the energy he transmits and his special sense of humor help a lot during the sessions.

It's that I do not know how to describe it, I can not say that something has changed in concrete, but the world around now has many more colors or rather I am, who goes now with the eyes more open to notice it.

For those who are considering doing hypnotherapy you have to say, that sessions require a lot of work, but the result at least for me was much more than I expected.

I gained a lot of peace, tranquility and the ability to accept myself as I am.

Olivier Houet © 2020

Arantxa A. / 55 years / Uskadi / December 2017 (Translated by Google)

A few months ago and in a totally unexpected way for both of us (we still don't explain how the topic came out), a colleague told me about her experience of hypnosis back to past lives, many years ago. I was fascinated listening to her story and wanting to know more.

After informing myself a little about the subject, listening to videos of Michael Newton and reading some of his books, I began to feel very much like living the experience myself. It seemed to me that it was worth trying this technique to find answers to a few existential questions.

I looked for my perfect therapist for the occasion and found Olivier. My intuition was not wrong: he has been a perfect guide and companion in this intense and very special adventure.

I had previously browsed your website, read your explanations and listened to your videos. I liked. The contact with him was so easy and cordial from the beginning, that I had no doubts: I wanted to have this experience of hypnosis with him.

I carefully prepared my questions explaining why: it was very useful to Olivier to guide me and me also to verify that not everything that seemed important to me before the session still seemed to me later.

Only a month ago since the sessions and I cannot explain its long-term impact, but I can say that they have given me confidence and tranquility: the certainty that I am where I should be, a new confidence in my future and the awareness that My life has a purpose.

Listening to the recordings is super useful: every time I listen to them I live the experience again, I remember the amazing messages and images that were presented to me and I recognize the invaluable value of the good guide of the therapist.

Without Olivier's right questions at the right times, his patience and the complicity he created in a constant conversation full of empathy, the result would not have been the same. We also had fun moments and I still laugh with desire to remember them.

I do not hesitate to recommend this therapy and Olivier as a great professional to whom I sincerely appreciate your help.