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How to get the most out of your Regression Hypnotherapy sessions

Stay connected with yourself


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The long and intensive initial process is designed to empower you and

   strengthen your confidence in your own intuition. That will in turn make it

   easier to take on whatever comes next with a more pragmatic and positive


After the 2 consecutive day process of Past Lives Regressions and Life Between

   Lives sessions it is good to give yourself at least 3 to 6 months, before doing

   a Booster Session, so that everything achieved in the session has time to unfold

   and manifest in your life.

If you remember everything more like a dream and find it had to make sense

   of it all, even after listening to your recordings, you call me and we will go over

   a few option.

In truth you will know if the time has come to reconnect with yourself on such

   a deep level. For some people it is a once in a life time experience. A sort of

   in-depth life-revision at a key moment in there life that clears the path ahead.

   Others feel that having a yearly Booster Session is more beneficial for them as

   it keeps deepening their self-awareness.

Now that you have a reference of what it is and how it feels, for you personally, to be in an expanded state of consciousness/meditation, you will find it easier to return and maintain this state of inner clarity and peace (one day with more ease than the other).

Being in the present moment, you will rely more easily on the insights gained

   from the sessions and you will distinguish more clearly between your erroneous

   thoughts and your wise intuition that continues to guide you.

  For example what works for me personally is to take a break, a few minutes,

  several times a day, saying aloud what I feel will calm the internal discussions

  that distract me. That helps my thoughts to return to the present moment.

  Then there are times when I sit or lie down comfortably with the intention of

  giving myself more time to go deeper (often with a sound/music that feels

  right for that moment).

Writing is another helpful way to help calm internal discussions. By allowing

   words to flow, as in a regression session, it makes it easier to get an idea of ​​

   what the internal discussion is about. It may be just a paragraph or several

   pages ... It is a thing of the moment.

Find the ways that work for you. The important thing is to continue

   cultivating this internal compass that you connected with during your

   regression sessions. It will make any new challenge in your life much easier

   to deal with.

I can never stress this enough: Always feel free to contact me.

We just had a very intimate and intensive two days where usually a lot of things

   got covered and it can be quite a bit overwhelming for some.


   So it is not just important but very natural to want to go over the experience

   again with me once it has sunk in a bit.

Plus I always love to hear back from my clients for whatever reason it may be :)

The recordings are a key tool to stay focused and keep the momentum going.

   There are certain changes that you will notice right away and others that will

   need some time to unfold or may even need a more conscious effort on your     

   part to develop fully over the next few months.

It's like when you learn to drive. At first you are very aware of every step

   needed to manoeuvre. A few months later it has become one more thing you

   can do without much thought.

You will be surprised about how much more was said than what you remember.

   Like any conversation and experience in life, after a few weeks, on average,

   one only remembers 25% of everything that happened. In addition, often points

   of information turn out to be more relevant after a while.

I recommend listening to the complete recordings one to two times.

   Preferably shortly after the sessions. Listen to them over several days in chunks

   of 20 minutes, so you can really assimilate the content. Most of us find it

   difficult to hear our own voice, the trick is to focus on the content ;-)  

All sessions come with an optimised digital recording of the session.

Because life is a continuous journey full of opportunities for growth ...